QSL Radio Prague

QSL Radio Prague / Radio Praha / Czech Radio,Date : March 25, 2016, Time : 07.15 – 07.44 UTC, Language : English, Way to listen : Internet streaming, Overall Reception Quality: SINPO : 55555, Remarks : Good and stable reception on my 64 kbps connection,

Program Details :
– 07.16 Talk by female (Daniel…) “ You Listening to Radio Prague” … Good Friday…
– 07.16 Program talk by male, Spesial Program interview with actor Peter Mullan, Best Actor who role in drama My Name is Joe
– 07.29 Talk by female
– 07.30 Program by male interview with John Mucha, grandson of Alfons Mucha, Famous Czech painter, “according to the media, we talking about 5 years… during the war, SS, Gestapo.. ,”
– 07.40 Talk by Daniel.. : Station ID, end of broadcast
– 07.40 music instrumental

Reception report send by email. Received in 55 days.

Email : cr[at]radio.cz

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