eQSL Radio Akhbar Mufriha- Ascension Island

eQSL Radio Akhbar Mufriha, 11985 kHz,  4 December 2016, 21.48 -22.00 UTC, Lx : Pulaar, Tx : Ascension Island, V/s : Mr Daniel Berger. 2 days. Reception report via email :  email [at] akhbarmufriha.com

According to my log, this broadcast was observed at 9530 kHz, but confirmed that broadcast is at 11985 khz.

In email mr. Berger said : “Normally we require unique details of our broadcast to be able to confirm reception. However, I’m making an exception in your case. Another possibility is to include three brief recordings (from the beginning, the middle and the end). Each clip should be of around 2 minutes. Normally, we require 20 minutes of monitoring. Please bear this in mind if you want to send us another report

Thank you mr Berger making an exception for my report.


eQSL BBC World Service – Kishinev Grigoriopol

eQSL BBC World Service, Date : November 21, 2016, Time : 16.03 – 16. 21 UTC, Language : Persian, Frequency : 7.530 kHz, Transmitter site : Kishinev-Grigoriopol, v/s : Mr Sergey Omelchenko, Received in 1 hours and 6 minutes. Reception report send to email : prtc [at] idknet.com


eQSL TWR Africa, Kishinev-Grigoriopol

eQSL TWR Africa, Date : June 06, 2016, Time : 16.39 – 16. 59 UTC, Language : Somali, Frequency : 15.105 kHz, Transmitter site : Kishinev-Grigoriopol. V/s : Mr. Sergey OmelchenkoReceived in 5 hours 35 minutes, Reception report send via email to prtc [at] idknet.com.  

Here the audio file (from 16.44 UTC to 16.46 UTC) : http://soundcloud.com/user-944675335/twr-africa-tx-khisinev-grigoriopol


TWR Africa – First eQSL in 2016

Reception Report for TWR Africa via Manzini, Date : February 10, 2016, Time : 18.03 – 18.31 UTC, Language : English, Frequency : 9.500 kHz, SINPO : 34333, Signal strength is fair, noise and fading increased ocasionally but still audible. Program : long talk by male  , ID TransWordRadio Africa, then address and email .. end with God bless you., music, then email info(at)twrafrica.org

eQSL received by email only in one day after reception report submitted on the website twrafrica.org and emailed to info[at]twrafrica.org

Capture eQSL TWR Africa 10 Feb

eQSL is a pdf file,  veri-signer Lorraine Stavropoulos